New innovation for ski poles, The CHANGE-IT system

The Nordic Sports brand 4KAAD has presented a brand new innovation for ski poles. You can change the basket of your ski pole just with your hands and change to another basket or ski roller tip. This innovation comes with most of the sky ports and it’s easy to use. I have used it myself for one season and I would never like to miss it anymore, there are many different sizes of the window basket and also for some ski roller you can choose between different types.

In winter, you have mostly different snow condition sometimes soft, sometimes hard, and for this, you need different type of baskets for your ski poles, and it is very helpful if you can change them very quick just with your hands. The ski poles are very light and specially with the strap very comfortable to use. I like the new code 9ski pole, because it is very easy to use it as a very light shaft where is a good swing.

Cross country skiing has become in the last year, is one of the most popular winter sport worldwide. Thousands of skiers are participating every year at ski marathons, like Vasaloppet or Engadin ski marathon. Finland is one of the biggest cross country ski market with more than 200,000 skis and poles sold every year.

New innovation for ski poles

the Change IT basket system by 4KAAD

Roller ski tip. FIS Rule, Change-IT
Roller ski tip, Change-IT system


CHANGE-IT basket XC, yellow


CODE 9 black yellow, Change-IT