How to change a lens for your eyewear

The 4KAAD sport glasses have the possibility to change the lens. Several lenses are available and in every eyewear you receive minimum a clear lens for dark and foggy weather conditions.

We explain in the video how to change a lens for your eyewear. It is pretty simple to do by following the steps. First remove the nose pad in the center by pressing the 2 wings. Then hold the frame in the centre and pull out the lens from the middle. next step, pull out the lens on both sides from the frame. Now you can choose another lens or bring it back in the same steps.

Bring the lens back in both sides of the frame into the small slot. Now press the lens back carefully into the centre of the frame. Finally put the nose pad back into the position in the middle. Done !


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Pulse Race, black silver Revo


Pulse Active, pink silver mirror