What do you need for cross country skiing ?

You need Cross-country skis for classic or skating and Cross-country ski boots that fit your skis and your discipline. Ski poles and straps of the correct size. Cross-country ski clothing suitable for the conditions: good are base layer and soft shell jacket for your upper body, soft shell tights or race suit made form lycra fabric, socks, gloves, headband or beanie. Many people asking us what do you need for cross country skiing? We noticed many people have started cross country skiing as a new favourite sport in winter holidays.

cross country skiing as the new fitness trend

What sport glasses are recommended for cross country skiing ?

Most cross country ski athletes and athletes in Biathlon are using sport glasses. The 4KAAD BEAT eyewear collection is especially designed and developed for cross country skiing, perfect protection and good vision in all weather and light conditions.

How do you prepare for cross-country skiing?

Balance and stretching exercises are very useful. Nordic walking (power walking with poles) is also a good way to prepare your body for cross-country skiing and helps you train the diagonal arm-leg coordination needed for the Classic technique. Inline skating also involves similar movements to cross-country skiing.

Running, cyling and also roller skiing are perfect for training cross country skiing and biathlon.

Is cross-country skiing good for me?

It is widely accepted in the field of exercise physiology as "the best cardiovascular exercise known." Cross-country skiing uses a large percentage of your muscle mass, and is more efficient and effective than activities using legs alone or arms alone.

Cross country skiing is one of the best fitness total body work out out in the nature with fresh air.

What is a skin cross country ski?

Skin skis are a twist on waxless classic technology that dates back further than most skiers realize. Originally, strips of animal hide with fur still attached were placed on the bottom of skis for uphill travel. The hair fibers allow forward sliding but grab the snow when pushed backward.

Does cross-country skiing burn fat?

The high number of calories burned while skiing helps to keep skiers trim and lean. One hour of moderate cross-country skiing can burn approximately 470 calories for a 70kg person and nearly 700 calories for a 90kg person. Therefore, cross-country skiing is a great way to burn calories while having fun!

What size cross country ski pole do I need?

Recommended Cross Country Ski Pole Lengths
A simple rule to follow is that poles for classic should be 35 cm shorter than your body length and for skating 25 cm shorter than your body length. If you are between two lengths, we recommend that you choose the shortest option.

You can choose between less expensive glass fiber poles and super light 100% carbon poles like the 4KAAD Blackcode 10.

4KAAD CODE9 carbon ski pole

CODE 9 black yellow, Change-IT